About Us

RVML is a specialty lending library specializing in spiritual, metaphysical, paranormal and personal development subjects. Established in 2002 in Southern Oregon’s Rogue River Valley, RVML’s book & video collection has grown to be among the largest of its kind in the world.

Main Subject Categories

Metaphysics • Spirituality • Sociology

Paranormal • Health • Environment

Science • History • Psychology

A $20-55 annual fee allows borrowing privileges for up to four people living within 200 miles of Ashland, Oregon. Please inquire about RVML’s Distance Lending Program for researchers and educators worldwide.


Since 2002, RVML has produced over 400 video recordings of public lectures and workshops (see Event Calendar Archive).

DVDs available in our Lending Collection or for purchase online (select titles only at this time. Online video streaming coming soon. Inquire for details).

RVML’s Mission: Providing easy access to a variety of information that inspires, heals and transforms; with emphasis on positive solutions to humanity’s critical challenges.

RVML’s Philosophy: Our ability to discern truth is enhanced by a broader perspective on the human experience. As we integrate new truths into our awareness, the expansion of knowledge in the collective mind advances the evolution of human consciousness.