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To describe the purpose of my life, I must look at the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The lemonade I have made from my life will be revealed in the following paper about my collage “Everything I do, have done, and will do, is my life’s purpose.”

My life’s purpose began the moment I was conceived. When I was born, it was great; fresh air to breathe and the world to explore. At the age of three, the exploration of my life took a huge dive into the black abyss of my lemonade. Cancer is no story worth telling, but as a survivor, I think I did an awesome job. Since diagnosed with cancer, I was also diagnosed with diabetes, then later on with hearing loss, vision impairment, stomach malfunctions, hypothyroid and loss in my body’s growth. From these medical problem’s, I have taken oodles of medication, such as Ritalin for my ADHD and Thyroid for my hypothyroid. Hearing aids and glasses were also given to me in the first grade. To manage all this, was a lot, but I did it.

Hearing aids got on my nerves and because my hearing was only high pitch related, I soon learned how to deal with them and moved on. As for glasses and being the rambunctious person I am today, contact lenses came into the bigger picture of my life. Having hearing aids and glasses did not make me more self-conscious just pissed me off. The constant buzzing in my ear and the frequent visits to the eye doctor for broken glasses got tiresome! So, I moved on and started to get involved.

Soccer was the first sport and others came and went. Over the years I have developed different relationships with my sports. Skiing came in and out. Soccer was dimming and hobbies became more important. I picked up the flute in 6th grade and got involved with band and the whole atmosphere of music in general. Angry music came into play in 7th and 8th grade. The flute got old, so I dropped it, picked up a long board and the life and world of skating came into being. Long boarding eventually led myself into becoming a wake boarder and a more aggressive skier, learning flips, spins and bumps in the back country of Mt. Ashland. With the foundation of these new sports, my interested for more was still high. So, I decided to do some more exploring.

Photography for me was the first major hobby I truly enjoyed and am exceptionally good at. Carrying around a camera is now mandatory just like my diabetic stuff. The punk scene was getting more violent and angry music was my only escape, but it was getting old. So, I picked up a left handed bass guitar and never looked back. Playing brings my soul out along with every other emotion known to man. Playing is incredible and finding others who play and playing together is an experience of a lifetime.

Traveling has recently been a huge part of my life. Never did it much until the summer of my freshman year. I went to Canada for ski camp and then to Russia with my Dad and explored his work and the roots of my heritage. When I came back, I had a new outlook on life and I started taking Russian classes at RCC this year. I love Russia and everything about it; the people, the food and the atmosphere; being 35% Russian doesn’t hurt. I loved the people I met when traveling and still love meeting new people and seeing new places wherever it is I may be.

From my life, I have made some awesome lemonade and the purpose of the lemonade is to live hard, full and fast. In the end, my purpose will never be who, what, where, when, or why, it will, however, be like a nice cold glass of lemonade on a hot sunny summer day, refreshing. Till that time comes, fill the glass up and keep it coming, I am ready!

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