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My collage is about color and the ways in which it’s used. I wanted to show the feelings and the atmospheres that are generally associated with the colors. The distinction between the calm but fresh and vibrant green and the bold, excited orange, etc. As well as showing the distinction of the colors, I also wanted to show how the colors mix and shift amongst each other.

I wanted to use color as the theme in my collage because my passion is for fashion photography and I believe that color can be one of the most powerful aspects of an image. When color is used in a superior way, when a photograph really masters its colors, the color can wholly define the mood or the message of the image and completely control how it is received. By mastering the use of color, a photographer can be exceedingly effective in his expression.

I am passionate about fashion photography because it such a bold and powerful form of art, and because any one piece of work is a means of expression for many different people using different mediums. Each photograph is a unity of individual pieces of artwork and takes the work of a group – the designer, the stylist, the makeup artist, the model, the photographer…. These people all work in different ways with different ideas, but all work towards the same destination and together create something they couldn’t do alone. My interest is with the photography because to me it is the unifying factor, what brings it all together. It is the photographer that really controls the final outcome of a piece and it is the photography that truly presents the expression of the artwork. I am excited to work with light and composition through fashion photography and to utilize and present color at its truest and fullest.

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