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My collage represents what I want in life. It shows my passions and my aspirations. It is based on my desire to become a successful fashion designer. I know that I will have to overcome many obstacles in order to achieve my goals in life, and so I included in my collage the qualities that I possess that will help me to reach these goals. I am ambitious, kind, determined and honest; I am loving and work well with others. All of these qualities can be applied to everyday life, but I think that they will also help me in the world of fashion design and business. Each one of my good qualities will support me in my search for success.

One of the most prominent phrases for me in my collage is “be a driving force”. This statement represents my hope for recognition and leadership in my profession. I think that to be a leader is what everyone aspires to, whether they are aware of it or not. To be a leader is to be a teacher, a friend, and an icon. The leaders in my life, such as my mom, my grandma, and many of my high school teachers, have shown me that leadership is not about fame, but about influence. To “be a driving force” not only implies ambition and success, but education and inspiration.

Included in my collage are various tags that I collected from clothes I have at home. These tags are significant to me in several ways. Their most obvious purpose is their representation of today’s fashion designers, and what I have to live up to! They are crowded around the words “ME DESIGN”. These words, which dominate the collage, and make up the runway for the four models, are the basic statement of what I want. I want both to be me, and to design. I want to be both happy and secure, kind and honest, ambitious and respectful, cooperative and strong. But most of all, I want to be a fashion designer!

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