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When I was asked to answer the question, what is something that I’m interested in? The first thing that came to mind was life. My collage is about life and the different things in life. The concept of life includes everything that everyone has ever wondered about and that is a magnificent thing. One thing that cannot be fully explained is the one that involves not only everyone but everything. The aspects of life are endless and there is no imaginable way to put them in one space and do the meaning of life justice.

Throughout history scientist have studied and researched multiple areas of life but the possibilities are endless. Things or ideas are a wonderful thing but the ones that I find to be most fascinating are the ones that we don’t really have one basic explanation for. If everything had an answer behind it there would be no reason for questions. To me life is an extraordinary being and to be part of the biggest question unanswered without out doubt is a magnificent thing.

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