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How would we like to see the world working and what part would we play in creating that outcome? We would like to see the world working in peace with friendships that are ever lasting. We, activists of the student body, have participated with many others that share the same dream of achieving peace. We have portrayed our feelings on to paper through art, in our opinion one of the best ways to express ones self.

Peace, such a simple concept, yet very difficult to attain. Some consider it a dream, but we consider it a possible reality. The formal definition of peace, “Freedom from quarrels and disagreement; harmonious relations”, explains what we want to see not only on a nation-to-nation level, but from person-to-person. It is one step to think of attaining peace, but the next step up is doing something about it.

This is where we take pride in ourselves. Having attended peace rallies, discussions on relations of all levels, workshops, etc., make us that more qualified to turn our knowledge into art. Peace all starts with yourself and your actions. Becoming peaceful is the first step to attaining peace. Being kind to others creates peace with them. This cycle will continue to escalate to greater scales and soon, the entire world will have peaceful relations. This is how we plan to spread peace so we may one see the world working as one.

Our collage is made from many elements. It starts with the background, made of magazine clippings, of the many riches that cause greed and war. Over the background, words of hatred and gluttony surround the pictures. But covering all is the peace symbol, with peace written in all different languages. The mask of peace is what we call it, ever expanding and smothering all things that prevent it. In front of all, the hand of peace is placed, and emphasized, showing that peace is not only a dream, or art, but that it is real. It takes shape in a form we are all familiar with and is very possible.

This collage, filled with our emotion, expresses how we would like to see the world working in peace. Our efforts into this cause are endless, and we will not stop until our goal is reached. Peace, dream for many, will soon become a reality.

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