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How would I like to see the world working and how would I affect it. This is what I chose to do because I believe that is the most important issue of all in the choices that were given to us. My poster shows the way the world is on the left and as you get to the right it becomes more and more the way I want it to be. On the left I showed pictures of war, death, pain, and suffering. I think that they travel together because where ever there is war there is death and is with suffering and pain. On the right side of my paper I put pictures of happiness and love and family and only a few pictures of sadness and death. I put a few pictures of sadness and death on this because no matter how much better we get as a whole we can never forget or erase what we have done in the past. The pictures down the center of the page represent figures of authority that know what is wrong and are puzzled trying to fix it, or are crying out for help from the rest of the community to help. Then on the bottom middle it shows the classic American family and that it is there and it will stay but its surroundings will change for the better.

What I will to help achieve this common goal will be to start one person at a time and just be over all more of a humanitarian. This starts with not yelling and lashing out at others and causing useless pain and stress to others. It will start with one person effecting others and those people reacting with other people and so on, if more than one person start than it is not that hard of a global goal, and it could be here sooner than any one thought. You just have to be able to lose your pride just to help someone, someone that is having a bad day just make there day by taking him or her out to lunch. Just that little gesture of friendship could make that persons day and that person could go on to help others because they now are feeling good about them self’s.

My collage I think is not only filled with pictures but also feelings and thoughts for the future. That if carried out could change the world in a god way which no one can deny makes you happy inside!

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