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We don’t know about the future, but it is certain there will be problems, and the future may even be more difficult than the present. Even now, the world is facing uncounted problems. There is always news of war, terrorism, disaster, murders and accidents. The situation is very fearful, and young people like me, don’t know what kind of problems we will have to solve, what disasters may befall us, or even if the world as we know it will end.

I don’t know what type of career I want to have in the future…. I have thought about being a dental hygienist, a teacher of art, an accountant, and a photographer. I could do these things in India, where I was born, or here in America where there are many opportunities.. A good career is a way to be content, but it is also an avenue to share yourself with other people and to bring light to our world, even though it is filled with problems, sadness and tears. More important than a career is what you do with the light that is inside of your soul. The light you share can help bring peace to the world, and help us all to deal with the small problems and the large disasters, and maybe the light will help to prevent the disasters.

Whatever the circumstances and the terrible news of the day, I will protect the divine flame of Love, Hope, Faith and Confidence. I will guard it from the storms and the swirls of the unknown future. I will see that my light is never put out, so it can help others find their way in the darkness.

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