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Every human being was put on earth for a reason. Man has the capability to do great things, both helpful and harmful. Personally, I choose to trust in the innate kindness of people that enables them to work for the good of all. In this present day and age of wars, violence, and hatred, it can be difficult to discern values and morals within the sadistic warriors who hurt others to further their means. Life is a gift–it is not a light to be extinguished the moment there is a slight disagreement between two flames. The way in which humankind has advanced throughout the ages is with education. Traveling along the path of learning allows for great advancements within society. I am a scholarly person; consequently, I believe that my best potential lies in the intellectual world where new, life-altering discoveries are made every day. The field that appeals the most to me is that of engineering because engineers employ knowledge to make strides that better the world. My purpose in life is to make scientific advances that will help to preserve the natural environment with the help of chemical engineering.

The decision to become an engineer arose from several factors. Science and mathematics have been the most appealing subjects to me, and classes like AP Calculus and AP Chemistry led towards my desire to become an engineer so that I could best employ those topics in my coming career. There have also been a plethora of instructive, supportive mentors along the way who encouraged me to never give up on my dreams. Thanks to people such as my parents, teachers, and friends, I believe in one person_s ability to change the world if she possesses the desire, character, and persistence. In school, my courses have always been challenging in order to learn the most information possible and be one step closer to finding a concept that would improve the earth. I plan to continue working hard at my education so that one day I will be able to solve the challenging hypotheses facing academic investigators around the world. Education opens doors; by learning as much as I can, I hope that I will be able to create opportunities for better lifestyles to offer to a myriad of people.

Engineers have contributed greatly to society by finding economical, safe, and noteworthy solutions to technological problems. By incorporating the science of chemistry into engineering, I hope to make great advancements for both fields that in turn better the status of humanity. Already engineers have given me access to plastic containers, artificial organs, antibiotics, bulletproof vests, chemical plant fertilizers, and countless other wonders. My greatest ambition is to make a discovery as incredible as some of the aforementioned inventions. Just like the researchers before me who have been dedicated to making living easier, I plan to search for ways to aid both humanity and the natural world so that people appreciate every moment as much as bears cherish honey. Engineers work together to inventions that facilitate day-to-day tasks: for example, chemical engineering is responsible for the rubber that composes an SUV_s wheels as well as the asphalt which such vehicles travel upon. With each new concept learned in chemical engineering, a valuable, helpful, time-saving product for the masses is sure to arise.

The greatest discoveries of chemical engineering are yet to come. Past achievements have been incredible, but this profession does not need to dwell on days gone by; every minute brings a new challenge to meet, a different problem to solve, plus a tougher question to answer. There will be designs to test, experiments to oversee, and operations to control in areas such as thermodynamics, kinetics, and food processing. I would like to be a part of the coming innovations in chemical engineering. The area that most interests me, however, is that of the environment. More attention ought to be focused on the place that sustains us. I think that it would be wonderful to devote a career to unearthing methods of improving the lives of all people. The ailing world needs more creative thinkers to find cures for the festering wounds of human culture and the environment.

Bit by bit, the natural world is disappearing. The wetlands are vanishing, endangered species are becoming extinct, and the ozone layer is depleting. For all their innovations and discoveries, humans are destroying the land which has granted them the ability to live. We all notice this shadowy, silent problem that creeps into our lives, gradually suffocating us with thick, polluted, grimy fingers. I hope to pose solutions to the problems of depleting resources with the endless applications of chemical engineering. There are innumerable opportunities to remedy the damage that has been done to the oceans, woodlands, and heavens. For example, one area of chemical engineering is devoted to maintaining the environment with technologies like catalytic converters or reformulated gasoline that clean up waste and reduce pollution. Another instance is the study of synthetic substances; synthetic rubber is employed in tires, hoses, and conveyor belts to limit the use of quickly diminishing reserves of natural materials. If I can find a way to allow everyone to easily assist in preserving the environment, I will feel as though I have truly accomplished a great mission.

Life should be spent pursuing health, comfort, and felicity for oneself and others. The best way for me to contribute positively to the world is through chemical engineering. My purpose in life is to make advancements in this field that are geared towards creating a brighter tomorrow by changing everyday life today. Helping people through community service has been an important part of life, and my goal is to continue improving folks_ lives in any way I can. Volunteering at my church, Ashland Christian Fellowship (ACF), has shown what is possible when folks band together. At the Ashland Community Christmas Dinner on Christmas day, Ashland Christian Fellowship provides a free meal for all with contributions from local businesses and residents. I have decorated the area in which the dinner was held, baked pies, prepared salad and vegetables, brewed coffee, served dessert, and cleaned up the place after the affair had ended. Seeing how everyone put their differences aside to help those without food, family, or money on Christmas Day truly led me to believe in the goodness of mankind. If everyone spends their lives shaping a world filled with caring and contribution, coming years will bring a better earth for all of us.

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