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Since the day I was born, I’ve been on this long, mystical journey through life. I’m still only a teenager, and have many a year to go, but I know I have a purpose in this home we call Earth. What would be the point in living if we didn’t have a purpose? I know I have many, but I don’t know them all clearly. Only through living life will I learn my clear purpose of being here.

Everyone’s purpose is distinctly different yet the same in many ways. Some seem to be decided already, yet just as many could be free-will. We are given the gift of free will, from whomever or whatever has created our living system. This gift gives us the ability to share the main purpose in life, to love and be loved. To me, this life is learning how to love everyone for who they are, and not what you want them to be. I do my best to love everybody, even the ones who have trouble returning it. The reason behind this is because I know there is good in the deepness of everyone. Just looking deep into a babies eyes, I’m ensured there is no bad-heartedness in there. The reason I feel we as humans can become evil-hearted is because of our lack of love in society, and many contributing factors such as materialism and lust.

If our main purpose in life is to love, then why are there so many people who don’t feel the same? Society has created these blockades to blind us from our true purpose. Big screen TV’s, nice cars, drugs, video games, and the list goes on. I’m not trying to antagonize the use or fancy of these things, but when they are used or bought for the purpose (and it may not be consciously) of neglecting love or disregard of interaction with others, then the result is less love in our world. To me, love is the fuel for the cosmos, and if that engine gets low on fuel, life for everyone (and maybe not just on Earth) will consist of less love and more abomination. We as a civilization need to wake up and realize that the key to happiness in life is love (along with a few other ingredients), and that money and materials are just there to sidetrack us from the truth.

When I say love is the key to happiness, I mean it in very broad terms. We don’t need to just love each other as humans, we need to love everything and everyone for who and what they are. Animals for instance. I sometimes pet my cat Snoopy while he sleeps on my lap for hours just for the fact that I know he feels love and appreciation, and we’re both happier for that reason. We need to apprize all the animals in this world, for we are all just as beautiful as each other. When a whole species of animals goes extinct, I would think it’s like Earth is losing a part of itself, such as if someone were to lose a best friend. There is less love resulted.

We also need to cherish and love mother nature. She is kind when she wants to be, but when we harm her with pollution and other various pains, she returns her wrath with earthquakes and tornadoes to remind us, we need to care for her just like we’d like returned. When I walk through the forest, I feel complete and utter happiness. Maybe the trees are more alive than we think, perhaps they are returning the love I feel for them, but either way it feels phenomenal. My favorite part of nature (and most sacred) is the river or stream. I can sit down for hours by a stream and reflect on life and just appreciate everything for what it’s worth. It feels nature is the truest symbol for our lives, and that when we harm nature, we harm ourselves.

The reason we should love as best we can to our ability is so that hate slowly disappears. The more love filling this space, the less space for hate. Karma is a key role in this. The more we love, the more we get loved back. If we were all to concentrate on this, we would probably have far fewer problems in the world. The Middle East is filled with hatred and death, and if everyone were to take some time to realize we could make much better progress through loving each other. Hate and war usually get us no where, and if it does get us somewhere it usually isn’t a positive place. It sadly feels the world is slowly falling apart, and all we seem to hear about on the news is death and war, with little light to shed on the dark. If the news were to concentrate on mostly positive aspects around us, this could be a good start to bringing happiness and love all around. It’s all in the attitude of life.

Even though I am only 18, It feels that I am doing my job in succeeding in my purpose. A little less than a year ago I became spiritually enlightened and felt as though I reached ‘self-realization’. I feel I truly know myself and every day I get to learn more about my spirit, soul, and mind. I do believe in God, but I speculate that God doesn’t care what religion we are, or that we even need religion. God just wants us to love, for that is our true religion. God to me is this higher-power, all-knowing entity that lives through all of us and we live through him. God is everywhere, is everything and we as humans and animal and nature are all a part of this being. My belief is that everyone is here for a purpose, and that purpose is to learn, love, and live. Treat others exactly the way you’d want to be treated. Perhaps you could consider Earth a ‘pre-school’ of the cosmos, and that once we pass Earth we are then able to move on to the next chapters of life that God has to offer us.

Ever since I’ve become spiritually awakened, I’ve made it my goal to be as happy and loving as possible. Sometimes I become upset or saddened, but I truly know life is extraordinary and happiness will come with time. I feel it’s very important for one to love their family and friends. Parents need to love and dedicate so much time for their kids, and it’s only necessary we at least return the favor with as much love as possible. I will, with my best ability, pass the love that my family and friends have given me on to the next generation of family and friends. I also hope to share the wealth of information that this life has to offer us, and one of those is science.

I find science truly fascinating, and more specifically biochemistry. I’m so intrigued with how everything works and the workings behind it, that I hope to someday become a biochemistry professor so I can spread the abundance of information and perhaps research new ideas for the future. Science seems to be never-ending in knowledge. I feel, we as a civilization need to further our advancement in learning and understanding everything around us. The recent research into quantum mechanics, the string theory, the holographic theory, and many other ideas are quite mind boggling to say the least. It’s awe-inspiring to know that people all around the world are helping to find the truth to our world and the universe around us.

Everything that surrounds us is so complex that I feel it symbolizes our lives, that we are so complex that we cannot fully determine our purpose until we have truly accomplished it. Perhaps after death we can fully examine our actions and reactions in this life, and how clearly we met our purpose of being here. I know that just by living to my fullest ability I will be able to fulfill my purpose. Living this life is by far the most beautiful experience the cosmos has to offer, and I’m so glad to be able to indulge in it. I am here to love and be loved.

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