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Wednesday, August 4, 2010
Location: RVML - 258 A St, Ashland UPSTAIRS, Suite 7
Wednesday, August 4, 2010
Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Marla Estes, MA- Click for more information
Video & Discussion Series: "Movies That Move You"
Facilitated by Marla Estes, MA

Free Admission, Donations Welcome!

Please Note Time & Location: 258 A St., UPSTAIRS, Suite 7, 6:30- 9:30pm

Series Description:

Join facilitator Marla Estes to watch and discuss the concepts of love, psychology, sociology and culture in these great films. All ages welcome!

This Week's Film:

(UK, 2007) traces actions that have long-term and unpredictable consequences. When a 13-year old girl unwittingly puts events into motion, her life, as well as the lives of others, is shaped in a way she could never have imagined. This film invites us to ask about the true nature of atonement, redemption and self-forgiveness, and what happens when we cannot make the wrong thing right.

Please note
: The actual title of these films is not permitted on our website per our Licensing Agreement. Sorry! However; the titles are included in RVML's Weekly Event Announcement e-Mails (see below for link).

Facilitator's Biography:

Marla Estes, MA lives in Ashland and is a workshop leader, teacher, writer, and mentor. Having a Masters degree in Transpersonal Studies, she has taught at SOU Extension, the SAEJ program at Ashland High School, and has led women's study groups. Several of her articles have been published in the Sentient Times and Alternatives Magazine.

Website: http://www.MarlaEstes.com


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RVML Community Resource Center- 258 A Street, Ashland, Oregon
Across from Ace Hardware, near Ashland Food Co-Op in the heart of the Railroad District
OPEN EVERY DAY 12-6pm - (541) 552-9119

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Location: RVML - 258 A St, Ashland Suite 7 UPSTAIRS
Wednesday, August 4, 2010
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Click for more information
Wisdom Healing Qigong Morning Practice Group

"Come and Be in the Chi Field."

Every MON & WED Morning, 9:00-10:15am (Beginner's practice with personal instruction begins at 8:30am)

Cost: Free, donations appreciated. All ages, levels and physical abilities are welcome!


All-level group practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ) using the Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down method as taught by Master Mingtong Gu. By tapping into this ancient healing technology, you will obtain powerful tools for self-healing.

- Strengthen your endocrine and immune system.
- Reduce stress, anxiety and depression.
- Achieve a deeper sense of well-being, emotional stability and balance.
- Become empowered to attract positive changes into your life.
- Enhance other mind-body-spiritual practices you may be following.
- Deepen your connection to universal healing energy.

About Wisdom Healing Qigong (pronounced "CHI-Gong"):

Through the mind's induction and physical movement of opening and closing, Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down movement can expand internal chi as well as connect with external chi- thereby integrating the human being with the living universe. This is called external integration. Through dedicated practice it can strengthen the body, reduce stress, heal dis-ease, activate more life energy, enhance mental clarity and emotional stability, and enable a deeper connection to the living universe.

-10 Million people worldwide are practicing WHQ (also known as Zhineng).
-More than 20 years of evidence-based medical science demonstrating its healing power for a wide range of diseases and health conditions.
-The most widely researched and tested form of Qigong.
-Accessible to people of all ages.
-Emphasis on simplicity of practice.
-Zhineng Qigong was developed by Grandmaster Ming Pang, a Western and Eastern medically trained doctor who studied under 19 Grandmasters.

About Master Mingtong Gu:

Weekly WHQ practice was introduced to Ashland by Master Mingtong Gu in 2004. Master Gu received his training from Grandmaster Ming Pang and a variety of Grandmasters of China, Tibet and at the world's largest Qigong medicine-less hospital. He is the founder of the Chi Healing Center and the Wisdom Healing Foundation. He relocated his Center from Ashland to Petaluma, CA in 2008. Website: http://www.chicenter.com

WHQ Demonstration Videos:



More Information:

Jaelle Dragomir (541) 301-5113 e-mail: WHQigong@gmail.com


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RVML COMMUNITY RESOURCE CENTER is a volunteer operated, donor-supported 501c3 non-profit organization in Ashland, Oregon providing easy access to a variety of unusual information that inspires, heals and transforms. Free Media Exchange: 1000's of books and videos on all subjects to purchase or exchange. 50-Seat Event Center: Attend weekly events or rent it for your own! Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library: Founded in 2001, RVML has grown to be among the largest of its kind in the world with over 15,000 books, videos and audio programs to borrow! Subjects include: cosmology, psychology, media literacy, sociology, science, mythology, society, spirituality, personal development and more! Thank you Volunteers and Donors!

RVML Community Resource Center- 258 A Street, Ashland, Oregon
Across from Ace Hardware, near Ashland Food Co-Op in the heart of the Railroad District

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