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RVML’s Conference Room is available at no cost for community use. Reserve instantly online for up to two hours, Tuesdays-Saturdays, 10am-6pm. 3-12 people maximum.
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RVML’s Bookshop

Browse 100’s of gift-quality books, audiobooks, and DVDs. All subjects, fiction & nonfiction, affordably priced. Located inside the Conference Room, next door to RVML’s Library and Media Exchange. Open during regular Library hours; 10-6 daily, closed Sun-Mon. 


Lending Library – Media Exchange – Bookshop – Event Space

A donor-supported, 501c3 nonprofit organization in southern Oregon’s Rogue River Valley since 2002, RVML’s exceptional collection of books, audiobooks, and DVDs has grown to be among the largest of its kind in the world.
An annual fee of $30 allows two people unlimited checkouts from our lending collection ($20 for students, $50 for families.) Membership is not required for the Media Exchange, with thousands of fiction and nonfiction titles on ALL SUBJECTS to trade on an informal, “honor-system” basis. It’s like a bookstore without a cash register, with books, audiobooks, DVDs, music CDs, and more.
With an emphasis on practical solutions to the world’s critical challenges, RVML’s mission is providing easy access to information that inspires, heals, and connects.

There’s Truly Something for Everyone – Aren’t You Curious…?


Free Admission – 1757 Ashland St. Ashland. One Mile West of I-5 Exit 14

TUE October 18, 7pm

“Coming Home to Your Self”- With the Selfhood System & Practice with Dorre Ray, D.C.

Free Admission. The Selfhood system and practice helps you access your inner resources, relieves stress and fears, and helps you feel good about yourself. You build a home base that helps you let go of falsehoods and focus on your truth… READ MORE

TUE October 25, 7pm

“Change Drama into Dharma”- How to win Friends and Influence Your Karma with Sondra Bennett

Free Admission. It’s easy to be sensitive while meditating or praying for others. But what happens when you are interacting with your family, friends, business relations, and spiritual or religious community? Do you ever clash with their style – their way of… READ MORE

TUE November 1, 7pm

Unconditional Love and Forgiveness in Psychosynthesis with Charles Smith, Ph.D.

Free Admission. Learn the basic principles of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness based on Essene spirituality as taught to him by his Psychosynthesis mentor Dr. Edith Stauffer. Chuck will include a short demonstration of the technique of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness with… READ MORE



1757 Ashland Street – Ashland, OR – (541) 552-9119

One Mile West of Interstate 5, Exit 14 MAP

Spirituality – Science – Health/Healing – Psychology – Personal Development

Sociology – Paranormal – Media – ET/UFO – Conferences – Alt. History

Open Daily 10-6, Closed Sun-Mon

Books – DVDs – Media Exchange – Events
1757 Ashland Street – Ashland, OR – (541) 552-9119
Open Daily 10-6, Closed Sun-Mon
One Mile West of Interstate 5, Exit 14 MAP
Spirituality – Science – Health/Healing – Psychology – Personal Development
Sociology – Paranormal – Media – ET/UFO – Conferences – Alt. History

Reserve instantly online at no cost HERE

Hundreds of inexpensive gift-quality titles (hours vary depending on Conference Room schedule.)

$30 annual fee allows unlimited checkouts of books, audiobooks & DVDs.

Trade items on all subjects; fiction & non-fiction (membership not required.)


Come discover Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library and find an exceptional collection of books, audiobooks, and DVDs to borrow, purchase, or exchange.

An annual fee of $30 enables checkouts of materials on a surprising variety of fascinating, useful, and life-enriching titles. Discover things here not commonly available elsewhere.

You can also trade books on all subjects at no cost in the Media Exchange, with thousands of fiction and non-fiction titles. Membership not required.

A donor-supported nonprofit since 2002, RVML’s mission is providing easy access to information that inspires, heals, and connects, with an emphasis on solutions to the world’s critical challenges.

Aren’t you curious? Discover it for yourself at Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library in Ashland, Oregon. There’s truly something for everyone here.

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RVML's Lending Collection:
All Subject Categories

Sorted by Media Type. Books sorted by Dewey-Decimal Classification

Printable Version of Category List HERE


001.9  Controversial Knowledge
001.94 Unexplained Mysteries
001.942 UFOs & Ufology
007  UFOs & Anomalous Phenomenon, General
007.1  UFO Skepticism
007.2  UFOs, Specific Sightings Cases
007.4  UFOs, Scientific Study of
007.7  UFOs & Government
007.74  1947 Roswell Incident
007.8 UFOs Through History
007.84  UFOs & Religion
008  ET-Human Contact
008.4  ETs, Encounters With
008.47 ET Encounters, Analysis of
008.5  Conference Proceedings
110  Metaphysics, General
111  Ontology
113  Cosmology
126  Consciousness
128  Humankind
129  Reincarnation
130  Paranormal Phenomena
131  Personal Wellbeing
133  Parapsychology
133.2  Crystals & Gemology
133.3  Prophecy
133.309  Nostradamus
133.324  Tarot
133.333  Feng Shui
133.335  Numerology
133.4  Demonology & Occultism
133.5  Astrology
133.6  Palmistry
133.8  Psychic Phenomenon
133.81  Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP)
133.9  Channeled Material
133.901  Life After Death & The Near-Death Experience
134  Edgar Cayce’s Teachings
135 Mystery Schools
135.4  Rosicrucianism
138  Crop Circle Phenomenon
140 Philosophical Schools
141  Idealism; Transcendentalism
150  Psychology
153  Mental Processes & Mind Control
153.3  Creativity
153.4  Thinking & Reasoning
153.6  Communication
153.8  Decision Making & Persuasion
154.6  Dreaming, Study of
155  Differential Psychology & Individual Psychology
155.26  Enneagram
155.62  Men’s Studies
155.63  Women’s Studies
155.9  Coping with Loss
158  Applied Psychology
158.1  Personal Development
158.2  Interpersonal Relationships
158.3  Romantic Relationships
158.4  Families & Parenting
159  Applied Spiritual Psychology
159.4  Meditation
170  Ethics & Moral Philosophy
180  Eastern Philosophy
200  Religion
202  Doctrines
212  Existence & Attributes of God
215  Science & Religion
220 Theology
229  Apocrypha
232.9  Life of Jesus Christ
236  Eschatology
241  Morals & Conscience
248  Christian Experience
248.3  Prayer & Private Worship
269  Spiritual Renewal
271  Christian Religious Orders
289  Religious Sects, Misc.
291  Comparative Religion
291.1  Mythology
291.14  Goddess Religions
291.15  Shamanism

291.215  Angels
291.4  Personal Religion
291.42  Mysticism
291.44  Conduct of Life
294  Religions of Indic Order
294.3  Buddhism
294.35  Tibetan Buddhism
294.5   Hinduism
294.6  Kundalini
296  Judaism
296.2  Kabbalah
299  Religion, by Region/Civilization
299.78  Native American Spirituality
299.9  Gnosticism
299.93  Eclectic Religions
300  Social Sciences
302  Social Interaction
302.23  Media Criticism
303  Social Processes
303.4  Social Change
303.48  Social Change, Causes of
303.49  Social Forecasts
304  Social Behavior
305  Social Groups
306  Culture & Institutions
306.7  Social Aspects of Love
320  Political Science
323  Civil & Political Rights
327  International Relations
330  Social Economics
362  Social Welfare Service
363  Social Problems & Solutions
363.7  Society & Climate Change
366  Secret Societies
370  Education, General
398  Folklore
400  Language
501  Philosophy of Natural Sciences
516  Sacred Geometry
520  Astronomy & Allied Sciences
530  Physics
550  Earth Sciences
570  Life Sciences
574  Biology
577  Ecology
590  Zoology
600  Applied Science & Technology
610  Medicine
611  Mind-Body Healing
612  Human Physiology
613  Health, Diet & Nutrition
613.2  Ayurvedic Medicine
613.7  Movement Practices
614  Disease Prevention
615  Pharmacology
615.5  Energetic Medicine
615.8  Alternative Medicine
616  Disease Treatment
616.8  Alternative Therapies
616.85  Narcissism, Study of
616.89  Psychotherapy
616.9  Diseases, General
618  Women’s Health
619.5  Hypnosis
621  Engineering & Technology
629  Free Energy & Time Travel
649  Parenting & Family Life
658  Management & Business
700  Fine Arts & Recreation
800 Literature
811  Poetry
813  Fiction
818  Miscellaneous Writings
900  History & Geography
913  Archeology
920  Biography
930  History of the Ancient World
930.1  Atlantis
932  Egyptology
970  History of North America
970.1  History of Native Americans
973  History of the United States
973.971  History of the 9/11 Attacks


Conference Lectures
Culture & Society
General Interest
Health & Healing
History, Alternative
Personal Development


Business Skills
Health & Healing
Personal Development


CD/DVD/MP-3 Players, Portable
Cassette Player/Recorders, Portable
VHS Player/Recorders
EMF Meters

1757 Ashland Street - Ashland, OR - (541)552-9119
One mile west of Interstate-5, Exit 14 MAP

Open Daily 10-6, Closed Sun-Mon. Watch 1-Min. Video Tour

1757 Ashland Street - Ashland, OR - (541)552-9119
One mile west of Interstate-5, Exit 14 MAP
Open Daily 10-6, Closed Sun-Mon. Watch 1-Min. Video Tour

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