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Rarely have I felt such clarity and focus. It is an undivided, organic wholeness, when I know at the core of my being that this is me at my greatest. However, being at my greatest is not simply for the sake of being great, but for what that expression yields and the potential it offers to others’ wellbeing. When I experience this feeling, I am able to cultivate joy and love within myself. That joy and love translate into a greater joy and love that I can offer others in my life.

The route one takes to achieve living her purpose is different for everyone, but ultimately we can all arrive by asking ourselves two simple questions. Am I all that I can be? Do I give and receive love? Knowing one’s life purpose is a matter of contemplating these two questions as a mantra or daily practice. Looking back on a life lived true to those standards would be a life of complete acceptance and one void of any regret. It would be a life marked by happiness. Because we are interconnected, understanding and expressing our life purpose is to own and perfect our part in making the world a better place.

Identifying our gifts is important, so that we can refine them in order to express them fully and bring joy to others. People are capable of infinite abilities, and everyone’s abilities are unique. Whether one has an inherent capability to make someone laugh, or the capacity to listen without judgment and with an open heart to someone in need, or to imagine, to play music, it matters not. The important idea is that we all use what we have to bring light and goodness into the world. Each day provides another opportunity to be in the moment, and live to one’s full potential. Sometimes in a goal-orientated society such as ours, the small ways in which we express our purpose can be overlooked. If one’s mind is consumed with the outcome, life can be missed by waiting. Being all that one can be is not just the summation of one’s big triumphs, but rather the culmination of all that is real and good in life’s daily, elegant, simplicity.

Dancing and playing piano are two of my daily means of expressing my purpose. When I dance, that is all there is, and all that matters. Every cell in my body and ounce of my spirit is consumed with my passion for the art. All the sweat and tears and time that have gone into that dance are worth it as the stage lights cast my shadow on the back wall. At that moment in time, I am beyond myself, more beautiful, eternal. I am released, I am free. Energy and light extend from every part of my body, beyond the stage, beyond the room and out to the far reaches of the sky; the source of which is not from my technique, but from my passion and my connection to my life purpose.

Practicing the piano there have been times when I have been compelled and drawn to play a brilliant piece of music. The most moving times I play are when I release myself and almost let the music play through me, when the music just happens. Each note falls into precise rhythm, with breathtaking dynamics into elegant improvisation. I feel a faultless understanding of Chopin or Ravel, and their intention of the piece, yet each time I play there is more to discover between the lines of their exquisite sheet music.

These are the times when I feel the raw power of connecting with my sense of purpose and being. Life flows through me and I am in my very own state of perfection. To me, this exemplifies knowing, being, and living my life purpose.

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