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“WALLS”  by Jessie Jones

“WALLS” by Jessie Jones

What would it be like if we could teach our children like the water teaches theirs? This painting is about extending our culture back to the roots from which we have grown. The whale represents the native tribes and the traditions held within them. Also the idea of...

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“WITH AN IRON FIST”  by Luci Bedell

“WITH AN IRON FIST” by Luci Bedell

What is it about comic books that frighten people, the fear of not growing up? All my childhood I didn't read books, I didn't like them much. I felt that the pictures in graphic novels awoke my senses. They give passion behind the words, and allow a whole new world to...

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“NATURE”  by Dana Baker

“NATURE” by Dana Baker

Contest Introduction Hey, my name is Dana Baker. I am a 10th grade student and I go to Ashland High School. Before that, I live in Wasilla, Alaska. I am born in China, and I was adopted when I was 12 years old. I am only live in United States for about 3 and half...

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“THE COMPLEX HEART”  by Laura Dundas

“THE COMPLEX HEART” by Laura Dundas

The question of whether or not a God exists is a widely debated topic. However, for me personally, there is no doubt that Jesus lives. That is why I incorporated a cross as the foundation for my collage. The cross; however, not only represents my faith, but my family...

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“DANCE IT AWAY”  by Sarah Cate

“DANCE IT AWAY” by Sarah Cate

“How would you like to see the world working and what part would you play in creating that outcome?” I started this collage by compiling images of all the negatives I see in the world. This ended up turning into a theme of violence, with guns as the chosen symbol. The...

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“WISHES”  by Sabrina Podsobinski

“WISHES” by Sabrina Podsobinski

Just sit for a single day at your average high school and you will undoubtedly hear DOZENS (if not more) of teenagers who are unhappy with their looks, grades, lives, or any number of other things. This is true not only for the indecisive teenagers; this is true for...

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“HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY”  by Ariana Lewis

“HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY” by Ariana Lewis

When I began this project I thought about my different possibilities. My passion. But what is my passion? I love choir, but am I really passionate about it? I decided that since I’m so interested in people, my passion must be just that. Then I realized that I don’t...

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“WORLD PEACE”  by Jessie Bright

“WORLD PEACE” by Jessie Bright

My collage expresses world peace. The world has been going through a rough time. A time of violence, hate, ignorance, and tragedy. A time of war. This is a time when we need peace and tolerance the most. This collage represents how the world needs to change; to treat...

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“CRAFTSMANSHIP”  by Natalie Jablonski

“CRAFTSMANSHIP” by Natalie Jablonski

In this collage I wanted to celebrate the idea of craftsmanship, and in doing so show its various aspects. There is something amazing in the skill of an artisan and the manifestation of that skill. This includes the creativity that is undoubtedly present during this...

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“TO BE AN ACTOR” by Alexandra Amarotico

My collage was designed to fit the prompt about what I am passionate about. I am passionate about acting, in all shapes and forms, and so I intended my poster to express this passion. In the center of my poster is a figure, could be man or woman as there are actors...

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“GLUTTONY”  by Michelle Smith

“GLUTTONY” by Michelle Smith

—How would you like to see the world working— In the world today there are so many problems: disease, war, pestilence, hunger… So many people around the world are dying – starving. And although our country is blessed with food of plenty, there are many places that...

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“WAR AND PEACE TANKA”  by Rachel Hallett Ralston

“WAR AND PEACE TANKA” by Rachel Hallett Ralston

Violence represents a disproportionate part of our lives. When we learn about history in school we are taught primarily about conflicts. The media feeds us deaths and murder everyday. Even our politicians preach a war against terror. With such violent ideas and images...

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“THE WORLD UNITED”  by Anonymous

“THE WORLD UNITED” by Anonymous

My collage represents how the world works because the rainbow joins all of the pictures together. My collage is representing all cities, countries, and all other open space. The rainbow going over the top represents the world being united. In my collage I am trying to...

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“IMAGINE ONE WORLD”  by Makana Green

“IMAGINE ONE WORLD” by Makana Green

Just dare to imagine a world revolving in peace. It would be the most phenomenal ecstasy of life on earth. To perceive a concept so great, where all human beings live in a system of equality, is near surreal. It can become our goal, our wish, our dream. With willing...

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“WHAT THE WORLD ONCE WAS”  by Makenzie Veres

“WHAT THE WORLD ONCE WAS” by Makenzie Veres

This collage was designed to represent what has been happening in the world with in the recent century. This is a subject of extreme importance to me, because I feel that a lot of good and bad things have happened recently and we simply overlook them. If it’s not a...

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“SMILE”  by Consuelo Wise

“SMILE” by Consuelo Wise

Laughter is stronger than A river of rain Happiness runs along The lines of wrinkled skin Tickles the windows and the Door so that a soul may pass Through Does not Discriminate Is neither Young nor Old

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“COLOR”  by Tahli O’Grady

“COLOR” by Tahli O’Grady

My collage is about color and the ways in which it’s used. I wanted to show the feelings and the atmospheres that are generally associated with the colors. The distinction between the calm but fresh and vibrant green and the bold, excited orange, etc. As well as...

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“FINDING MY MOTHER”  by Anonymous

“FINDING MY MOTHER” by Anonymous

I created this collage from my head but I couldn’t really relate my collage fully to one prompt. My collage is a simple message engage yourself let down your guard. Everyone is individual. I chose the title Finding my mother because its like finding yourself letting...

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“LIFE”  by Crystal Hager

“LIFE” by Crystal Hager

When I was asked to answer the question, what is something that I’m interested in? The first thing that came to mind was life. My collage is about life and the different things in life. The concept of life includes everything that everyone has ever wondered about and...

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“I WANT TO BE”  by Inanna Jessup

“I WANT TO BE” by Inanna Jessup

My collage represents what I want in life. It shows my passions and my aspirations. It is based on my desire to become a successful fashion designer. I know that I will have to overcome many obstacles in order to achieve my goals in life, and so I included in my...

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We pray that someday people will learn to fly with the courage to live a simple life. In some situations, money is put before the things that matter most to us in the world, like spending quality time with people who are important. People are worried and stressed out...

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“WINNING THE PEACE”  by Faye Walker

“WINNING THE PEACE” by Faye Walker

We don’t live in a perfect world. Instead, all of humanity inhabits a place permeated by terror, violence, hostility, enmity, malignancy, and more. Everyone acknowledges the fact that there are fundamental problems with life on the Earth, but no one is trying to fix...

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“THE COLORS OF DREAMS”  by Isaura Rangel

“THE COLORS OF DREAMS” by Isaura Rangel

Dreams are the foundation of great projects. The world is made of dreams, Dreams that create beautiful visions. Live your dreams and enjoy your life. Dream love and give joy. Your dreams will make you free, no one can tell you what to dream no one can take away the...

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“LIFE”  by Natasha Compton & Maddy Stokes

“LIFE” by Natasha Compton & Maddy Stokes

I am passionate about children and youth for many reasons. One of which is their pure truth. Most of the children I have known have only had the judgementalness of a mirror and nothing more. When I am with the youth of the world, I know I have the chance to shape our...

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“NATURAL BEAUTY”  by Amanda Thiel-Setterberg

“NATURAL BEAUTY” by Amanda Thiel-Setterberg

The vast array of colors in the natural world catch hold of my heart and make it dance. The shapes, the way light hits a leaf or a dune, and the glittering reflection of water on ocean animal’s bodies demand a stillness, an awe, an amazement at the remarkable beauty...

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What is a passion that I long to express, why am I passionate about it? My passion is snowboarding. I live to ride. Snowboarding is my anti-depressant, my anti-drug, and the mountains are like my sanctuary. When I am snowboarding, on a beautiful day, that is the...

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“THEN AND NOW”  by Nate Knapp

“THEN AND NOW” by Nate Knapp

How would I like to see the world working and how would I affect it. This is what I chose to do because I believe that is the most important issue of all in the choices that were given to us. My poster shows the way the world is on the left and as you get to the right...

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“THE MASK OF PEACE”  by Andrew Wright

“THE MASK OF PEACE” by Andrew Wright

How would we like to see the world working and what part would we play in creating that outcome? We would like to see the world working in peace with friendships that are ever lasting. We, activists of the student body, have participated with many others that share...

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This collage is based on my dream. I dream of becoming a professional Anime or Manga Artist. My collage has comments by my expressing my interest to become well known in the Manga or Anime business. I used the cut and paste method, taking pictures from the internet...

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“AN ORB OF COLORS”  by Abeni Hill

“AN ORB OF COLORS” by Abeni Hill

The World today is a simple generation, a globe of diversity…an orb of colors. It is the mere essence in which people have a chance to be who they are. Our world is a reminiscent symbol of colors in which contains soul’s who are not only different by their...

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“FLYING LOTUS”  by Hannah Sohl

“FLYING LOTUS” by Hannah Sohl

This summer I had my first real experience with yoga and immediately I fell in love with it. During soccer tryouts, my teammate Laura Newton’s mom came and did a yoga session with everyone to loosen us up and relieve all the sore muscles. Later this year, Brooks...

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“THE DAWN OF PEACE”  by Shanay Healy

“THE DAWN OF PEACE” by Shanay Healy

The world as I see it today, is a lot like me, continually learning and growing for the better. Something I want to change in me and in the world is to add more peace and harmony. I wish to see the world working in peace. I promote this through all of my actions and...

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“THE WAY OF LIFE”  by Vanessa Blount

“THE WAY OF LIFE” by Vanessa Blount

This collage was very inspiring for me. I began by searching through magazines and cutting out pictures that had enough to mold my emotions. I was able to find a theme by comparing all of my pictures and discovering their similarities. Through this I found my topic...

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“SOME PEOPLE SEE THINGS… by Lauren Blanche

"SOME PEOPLE SEE THINGS AND SAY WHY. OTHERS DREAM THINGS AND SAY WHY NOT" (Robert Kennedy) Through the diversity that surrounds our world, we often only see the differences, but to be able to see our similarities as well would create a better world for us all. Not...

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I immediately started work on “The Journal and the Mind” after I had completed one of my favorite books I had ever read. Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” is a utopian novel that takes place in the year 632 a.f. (After Ford). Brave new world is a very insightful novel...

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The message I’m expressing through my collage, How I Spent My Summer Vacation, is one of creativity and happiness. It shows dream-like images in a make believe world that delights the eye. The mellow colors and out of place pictures blend nicely are used to make you...

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“MOON TIDES”  by Erika Boehnke

“MOON TIDES” by Erika Boehnke

If speech is like the dying breath, then Art is like air. Art is poetry, in vision. So in this collage I have created I have spoken, the pieces of magazine and images torn together, my images are words creating a poem. I represents my life, my spirit, experience, and...

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“SPOTLIGHT”  by Ashley Auguston

“SPOTLIGHT” by Ashley Auguston

Ever since I was a child I have had a fascination with art. Shortly after my childhood days of finger painting my passion for painting expanded to encompass all of the arts, where the rhythm, color, and movement of dance caught my eye. Years later I am still...

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