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There have been times in my life when I have felt very strongly about changing something to make the world a better place. Yet, it is something a young person such as myself has not spent much time trying to figure out how or what I might do to change it. Why is this? Because, sometimes it seems that it just takes too much energy. Our teenage years are so busy and filled with the everyday activities of school, homework and friends, that to try to cram anymore into our busy schedule seems too overwhelming. But yet, there is always this nagging little pull in my heart when I see a hungry and sick baby in some other country on TV, or a homeless man on the off ramp in Medford. I look around at my safe and secure life and somehow this makes me feel guilty that I am not doing enough.

You know how the saying goes… “One person can change the world”. But is that really true? Can just I make that big of a difference? I’m just one teenager that can’t even vote or drive! But then my thoughts turn to people like Gandhi or Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela. This is when I realize that it really is possible for just one person to make a profound change. This truly inspires me and fills me with hope. These were ordinary people that performed extraordinary acts and lived lives full of dedication. Gandhi was a man who was driven to change the injustices and cruelties that he witnessed in his country. He devoted himself to altering his county’s future through kindness and total nonviolence. Mother Teresa was a selfless being and a genuinely caring woman who gave her life, her heart and her soul to helping and healing the sick. She brought the true essence of love to the world. Nelson Mandela stood for equality, strove to end racial injustice and sacrificed his personal freedom to put an end to apartheid. From prison all the way to president, his story of unwavering determination is one of the most inspiring examples of personal dedication and integrity.

These people prove that if you truly believe in something, the power and the energy to make a real change is inside of you. Every single human being on this planet has that power if they choose to tap into it. All one has to do is to feel strongly enough about something and that energy rises to the surface.

If I had that kind of power that could truly change the world, there would be no more hungry children, no more sons going to war leaving behind a grieving mother, and no more homeless men on the off ramps. Food would be wholesome and plentiful, and shelter would be an obvious right. If just these things were taken care off, so much suffering would be lifted and human beings would be able to live a life with heart.

I cannot see myself growing into a future that I did not help to create. When I imagine myself as an adult looking around at the same reality that I see now, my heart sinks. I don’t want to live a life knowing that I did not take a more active part in shaping a better world for the future. It is confusing to me that some people can be so unaware about what is happening in other parts of the world and yet they can be so caught up in their own little problems. While Hollywood’s hottest are making their next million, there is a family somewhere struggling to keep fed. This is where our world is going in the wrong direction. If I had the power, our economy would be directed towards more important causes instead of being wasted on things that really don’t matter.

I am a teenager and I have witnessed the attitude of indifference and to be truthful, I don’t know very many kids that put much thought or energy into this subject. I think that if it were more addressed in our schools it would be something of extreme importance. Instead of putting so much emphasis on every little date and detail of our history in class, why not focus on creating a better future? Why not be realistic and stop the pollution that is killing our planet? Can we finally just put an end to war? I strongly believe that the government and our rulers have, in the past, made some terrible mistakes. Our constitution was written with great wisdom and concern for the people and their rights. It has protected and guided our country and its people for more than two centuries. It is stated in our constitution that “If any form of government becomes destructive, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it”. It is our right and our duty to step in as a people and stand up for our rights. We do have the ability to make a real difference. We do not need to stay hush-hush about the inhumane things that are happening on our planet. The only way we can better it, is if we honestly address these issues.

We are constantly growing, and if we shift our careless ways of living into a more caring lifestyle, our lives would greatly improve in many ways. My feelings come from a deep caring and a profound love for our world. I value my future and I hope to see positive changes throughout my lifetime. This earth is a beautiful and wonderful place. Every living thing on it is precious and important and every beast that feels and lives is sacred. We should behold the world where the sun shines and nurtures us and allow the sparkling light of each star to inspire us. We must become awakened and aware to all the natural beauty that surrounds us. Each one of us does have the power, the power to change our world.

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