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Life is like music. Music is rooted deep within every culture because of its ability to represent every aspect of life. It is a unique art that can express every human emotion. Music flows as life does; melodies, rhythms, harmonies, and dynamic shifts, are all illustrations of life experiences. My life purpose is simple: I intend to feel the music, to flow with it; I intend to write and rehearse and perform; I intend to be a musician in all aspects of my life.

I want to write beautiful melodies, leads that set an example. My melodies in life will reflect my core values: I am here to help others, to stand up for what I believe is right, to lead when a leader is required, and to show love to those in need. These core values serve as a focus in my life. I care about such issues as air pollution, the butchering of our rainforests, and the mistreatment of animals. In order to remedy these distasteful acts of humankind, we must find ways of discouraging future acts of this kind. A little less than a year ago, I chose to stop supporting the mistreatment of animals by becoming vegan. Too many preach values and do not live by their word. I intend to lead by example. My decision to remove animal products from my diet has made a few other people aware of animal mistreatment, encouraging them to remove meat from their diets as well. I believe an individual can make an impact; after all, great movements have always started with a need for a change and one person willing to make that change.

As important as leads are in music, the rhythm behind them is just as important. I want to provide strong support for others by laying down a solid rhythm that they know can be trusted. I have always made integrity my priority, and I intend to keep my integrity fully intact. My entire life, I have had role models that make me strive to be a better person. I always admire a trustworthy individual, and I want to be viewed as such a person. Throughout my life, I want my friends to feel comfortable coming to me when they have a problem and need to talk to someone. Empathy in tough situations is a gift, and I want to give to those in need of support.

I want to enter into key changes and dynamic shifts—the problems in life—with an open mind and an open heart. These difficulties will, no doubt, make life harder, but I have found that problems encourage change, often for the better. Each problem that I encounter will bring new color into my life. If life were streamlined, it would be colorless and bland. I always look forward to new experiences, and an open mind in new situations will give me the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the world around me. Life would be mundane if we never took part in new experiences, if life were void of hardships. Problems in life must be looked at as learning experiences—after all, isn’t that what life is all about, learning?

I want to be a student in life. Let me learn from the silence; let me learn from the noise. I want to grow as a musician by immersing myself in the music, seeking out instruction, and making practice a priority. The best musicians in life are those that spend the time becoming well versed in an area of expertise. I will learn from observing those that I admire; I will question and seek out answers; as a student, I will strive for perfection. There is no benefit in simply going through the motions. Whole-hearted participation results in true beauty, and I desire to bring beauty into all aspects of my life.

Feeling connected to someone, complementing another and being complemented, loving someone with every ounce of your body and soul—what could be more important? I want to harmonize with people. I want to complement their unique qualities, balance their faults, and learn from their experiences. I have found relationships to be the most rewarding thing in life; I am convinced that you can learn more from a deep relationship than you can learn from any other experience. It is through love that we become still; it is through love that we become at peace with the world, with ourselves, with life; it is through love that we become whole. Without love, there would be no purpose. As my mentor, Ann Fuller, often says, “The Light of Love is All,” and I believe that with all my heart.

Being a musician, however, does not mean that you must always be playing. It is just as important to listen, as it is to play. If you don’t take time to relax and enjoy the beauty that is life itself, you will lose yourself in it. So many people are consumed by life’s problematic twists and turns because they are unable to distance themselves from the music. I will always find time to center myself, to enjoy a quiet evening on my own, to sit in the sun and watch the clouds pass overhead, to listen to the Earth’s song. Connecting with myself and connecting with nature will be a priority in life as I face new dilemmas and enter new dimensions of change.

I will meet new opportunities with a welcoming chord as I pass into new chapters of my life. It is with a smile that I admit my desire to face new challenges, new problems, and new difficulties. I am a musician…and great art will arise from these seemingly undesirable situations. I invite the worrisome brutalities of the real world, for I know they will allow me to grow into a strong individual: one who is not afraid to stand up for what is right; one who is not afraid to lend a helping hand; one who is not afraid to love and be loved. I feel the melody, the rhythm, the harmony; I flow with it. Life is like music.

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