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Follow your pencil in it’s journey of twist and turns, carving words into crisp, pure white paper that concludes into a beautiful piece of art using the English language. For many writers, such as myself, this is the essence of writing, these words gliding into sentences, glorious and fresh words of truth and inspiration. Writing should be depicted as art because just as in art, the writer has to have a good foundation, in this case English and creative writing in general, to become even better. Not only does writing instill in readers and writers themselves creativity, persuasion, change, and emotions, but it helps humanity by allowing an escape into another world and having adventures that make your heart sing.

My passion in life is writing. An excellent writer can do many things and in truth, allows the reader to experience different perspectives, learn morals, experience in the imagination, and experience different emotions in the physical. I am passionate about writing because I understand and cherish the strength and power one is allowed in this arena. A writer is allowed to use their voice and use their creativity in expression for the world to see. A writer is even allowed to instill change in society for the better by voicing their beliefs, and often beliefs of others as well. I believe this genre can help instill passion in people for things, not just writing. Writing can make a difference and even change people’s perspectives and outlook on life itself.

Have you ever read a book that entranced your emotions and made you literally feel what the protagonist experienced and what he endured? This is again the essence of being a writer. By using my talents as a writer, my work can be used as a device to allow experiences that would not normally take place. One type of fiction, Fantasy, enables readers to become involved in events they may not have had the chance to otherwise experience.

Literature can empower readers and writers. When a writer receives good feedback, this helps the writer to keep on writing and creating literature with writing as a passion. For readers, the writer helps many different things and even helps with change. Writing is not just a passion but a way of life for people. Many may argue that writing cannot change the world, but I believe it can. When Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling came out, children and adults all over the world were able to experience a world full of delights, fantasy, and magic. Now, I believe the general public has become more open to alternative ideas in reality than ever before. One book created magic in ordinary peoples’ lives and instilled magic and dreams in their hearts. If only one author can create such a drastic change, imagine all the wonderful possibilities for other authors out there.

If I can touch just one person’s life, then I have truly made a difference. Writing allows me to do this. What a mind reads can help the future. Many excellent authors have done this by incorporating amounts of inspiration, magic, and excitement throughout their novels, enticing the public to create a better tomorrow. If I can help humanity, then I can help the world.

I believe writers are the extraordinary, because we can change nothing into something and something into something else. This is the purest form of magic there is. A writer can instill passion which is currently a human emotion unfortunately lacking on this planet. Passion is one of humanity’s essential needs and without it, I do not want to know the cold, hard world we could live in. If one single hobby can subject so much important change in our world, then I believe that this passion is not just a hobby but a way of life.

Writers are true magicians in daily life. As a writer, anyone can make a difference. Strength nor height is important. Physical features in general are not important. The only thing that is really important is that you have passion for writing like I have, and how you choose to express this passion. Ever since I was young, I’ve known what my passion is. Knowing my passion came quite clear and easy for me, and I feel fortunate. I know many people who are still searching for their one true love, their passion. When contemplating about writing, it can even be perceived as a power, one that can be used for good or evil. I plan to use writing as a tool for good and help inspire, change, and shift the mass consciousness’ towards creating a better world.

Now you may wonder how one girl can hope to accomplish and achieve so much through writing as a passion. Although writing is supposedly just words on paper, the essence of it is much more than that; what a author makes you feel and inspires in you can last a lifetime. Everyone I know in the United States reads. Reading is part of our culture. Even morals can be picked up in literary works. The saying by Les Brown, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars”, is just one example of how a statement in writing can provoke emotions, passion, and inspiration. For those who want magic in their life and don’t have it, I can help facilitate a way for them to experience magic and wonder and learn about new ideas through my writing. A writer can transfer readers into entirely new realities, which I believe is one of the most precious gifts. As a writer, I hope to make a difference in others lives because writing is my passion, gift to myself, and gift to the world. I know that if I shoot high enough, I will land among the stars like so many others before me.

Even when night has fallen like a sheath of darkness, I am not afraid of the dark. There is always a beam of light guiding me ahead to a brighter tomorrow. If you have ever read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, you will understand the use of inspiration that people can obtain from writing. In the Alchemist, a young boy searches for his heart’s destiny and achieves it. The theme allows you to see that whatever trials and tribulations he encounters, he always prevails and survives, and gets one step closer to his dream. As a writer I can become anyone, a princess, a damsel, a boxer, a movie star, and even a fairy. I am able to use my imagination to discover new worlds and places no one has ever even heard about. Writing is good for my soul since it is my love, and I can’t imagine not having it in my life. In my own words, “To write is to express your heart’s deepest desires to the world and show a mirror into your soul; to write is to dream and in conclusion, to write is to live life and create magic within your own life using the most powerful tool known to man, the imagination”.

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