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The reason we live is relevant to the existence of purpose. Without purpose is without life, and without life is without purpose. Why would life exist if there were no reason? The creation of time and life is also the creation of purpose. Time was made so that life could be made, which would bring about a purpose that would be unlocked by the creation of life. Collectively, time, life, and purpose are a perfect example of the Trinity model, where three aspects are joined yet separate, like God, Christ, and the Holy Sprit.

Even though all people have a purpose, or a path, everyone’s purpose isn’t the same. The purpose we each were given individually from our Creator is unique. And though we are given different paths in life, I believe they all lead to the same place if we stay on the path we were given. I believe we are given our purpose—we don’t choose it. I suppose it chooses us, and it’s always the best fit. Our purpose is revealed in who we are. I have noticed a major pattern in my few years: when people aren’t acting themselves and are doing what they were not meant to do, it brings about negative energy—physically and spiritually. So when negative energy manifests in the world because you’re not acting yourself, it’s logically obvious that this was not meant to be. When people are free to be themselves and no outside forces move them, they receive joy, peace, and love just by expressing who they are.

To answer the question What is my life’s purpose? I will have to tell you about what I believe about all people’s purpose. I believe that we are born for a reason, and this reason is our purpose, and this purpose brings about only good. When we are doing what our Creator or the universe has intended for us, we are being who we truly are, and I’ve never met anyone who was evil or bad because they were acting themselves. When people become something they’re not, it dilutes their true purpose. Why do we want to be something we were not born to be? Because we allow outside forces to influence our choices. On the other hand, when we are not affected by people’s opinion or criticism and our minds are clear and free of doubt, we may go about what we truly want to do and fulfill our many passionate dreams.

If we fear what other people think, that fear will be the nail in our tire. We can get back on the road where we went astray only by having the willpower to change and to believe that fear is not part of our purpose. Once we have fixed the tire, we may once again explore our roads—our choices—and find the destination that has known our name since we were born. When we find this destination and our heart is finally fulfilled, love will spring forth and the hole that has been part of ourselves will finally be filled.

Many people (or most, I should say) never truly find what they’ve always wanted to do. On the road of life there are so many distractions, temptations, and illusions that drive us away from our true passion and desire (our purpose). For example, some of these distractions are money, power, fame, sex, security, and fear. There are those few who realize that these things don’t bring about love, peace, or fulfillment. They only bring about a false reality that is full of darkness and fog. In this fog we do things that our true selves would never do. But when we burn with desire to fulfill our soul, a light beckons in the distance, calling our name. Whether we respond to that beacon is what determines our destiny.

Until I was 15, I had no understanding of my purpose. I was blinded by my fears and choices. I can’t believe that it took me 15 years to realize that I was in the dark, but I guess people can be in the dark for their entire life. What finally triggered my realization of my purpose in life was when I gave up my drug addiction, which had been holding me back for so long. In this addiction I was led by outside forces that made my choices for me. I was driven by fear. Life got insane and I finally went to rehab. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, so when I was in rehab I decided that I would keep the clearest open mind because I knew in the past my judgments were useless, so I listened and explored who I truly was for the first time.

I came to realize who I was and who everyone else was—full of divine beauty and purpose. In this purpose dwelled love, and in love dwelled purpose. Since I was not part of society in rehab, there were no outside forces to influence my choices, so I finally was behaving as my true self, and by doing this the truth about who I was manifested in my daily life. I was acting like a kid again—no worries, no fear, and absolute freedom. In my addiction there was no freedom. I was a slave to a drug, like a puppet and its master. Most of my changes in rehab came from my search for purpose, as I had none before. I got into spirituality and God while exploring who I was, which opened up many beautiful doors. Once through these doors, I was engulfed in love and meaning. The knowledge of the universe was finally revealed in my heart. What is strange is that I’ve always known everything it told me, but purpose reveals the truth through love that we have always had in our hearts. That is why I believe that everyone can be good, because we all have purpose and love in us, dormant or not.

After rehab I was totally free, and in this freedom I was slowly growing skills that will later be part of what I do in life. I realized that I have a passion for helping others to be free of their burdens and fears. Since I was helped, I too wanted to help by teaching what I knew was true and what I knew would help those who were willing to change. I believe if we have cured something and know the cure, we should help those who are searching for the cure, and in this way the circle of help will continue.

When I got back to Ashland High School, I decided to start a Narcotics Anonymous, but I didn’t call it that because I didn’t want anyone to judge the book by its cover. I knew that my school had a horrible drug problem and I thought that maybe I could start helping those who wanted help. I knew so many kids who tried to stop, but the addiction would always overcome them. So after about a month, no one really showed up, so I put that idea in storage. I am considering doing it again as my senior project, but when I’m a senior I will do it with more conviction and energy.

Even though that idea didn’t go as planned, I still was helping people informally with their drug issues and beyond. The people who knew me when I was an addict really saw the change when I came back to school. No one knew it better then me! I realized how insane my life was and how clear it is now because I am now on the path I was meant to be on. My purpose has manifested very well since I came back to school and life, for before I wasn’t really living, just existing.

So to answer What is my life’s purpose? I will say that it is to bring light where there is darkness. My passion to help people is really strong. The best part is I can always do this no matter where I am and no matter what job I have. I have been quite good at helping people, and I really love the feeling when I do. I was chosen by the students at Ashland High to be a natural helper, which is a group of kids chosen to bring about good in the community and the school. I believe that people who are reaching out for help deserve to be brought in from the pouring rain of darkness, to be under the shield of change, love, and overcoming.

Besides a knack for helping people, my talent for being artistic has always been a part of me, but it really has taken charge after rehab. I’ve been getting deeper into my abilities to be original and to show the world in a different but interesting way. I love with conviction to be original and to do art as it naturally flows through me. I don’t do art to please other people or because I know they will like it. I do art as I like it. I just want to manifest my art in the form of my soul, not in the form of society.

The mediums of art I do are poetry, painting, writing, photography, and music. My favorite at the moment is digital photography, but I still do all of these every week, some more then others. When I’m doing art, it totally frees my mind, and all the trash and worries disappear into the moment where my true self dwells. So doing art makes my path much more clear. I may go about my true purpose without the burdens of fear, anxiety, and so many more that dwell in the future or the past, for all problems exist outside the now, and in the now are only situations.

So what do I have to overcome to fulfill my purpose? What is stopping me? There are so many forces that could stop me, so many doubts. I’m beginning to understand what I must do to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of fulfilling the reason I breathe: I have to live life by just being myself and not hold back how I feel about the world and its beauty. If I hold back, I will bottle up so much inside that it is toxic to the soul. Art really helps me vent what’s inside, so I may go about life as a kid, no matter what age I am.

When we realize what we want to do with our lives, nothing can stop us if we have the will to numb out all psychological mind noise and fulfill a purpose that will bring about good. For what purpose does doing evil have but the invasion of other people’s purpose of good? I have realized these things, but I know that realizing them doesn’t mean I have fulfilled them. So part of my life’s purpose is to apply what I have realized to be true. A universal truth is so powerful if applied. I may still teach what I know is true because it is up to each person to apply the truth. I was given much knowledge when I sought spirituality, but it’s still up to me to fulfill this knowledge and wisdom. This is great purpose in itself.

I believe we are born knowing right from wrong, but it’s up to us in our time here on earth to fulfill and apply the law that was written in our hearts since we were born. After rehab I began a journey to live a life that was spiritually influenced, for if I wasn’t spiritual I would still be addicted, and not only to drugs. On my journey I have been trying to fix the many problems I wasn’t born with but have manifested through my bad judgments and poor choices. I’m so glad I’m on this journey at such a young age and with so much energy because when I’m older I may be able to help anyone at all because I have helped myself. My greatest fear of this is: why would anyone need help from other people if they can just help themselves?

It’s kind of contradicting, but I realize that I too received help from other beings besides myself, and the help I have gotten in the past was from my faith in God. So to help others find God would be an ultimate accomplishment for me that I will surely seek out. So to sum everything up: My purpose is to help people find purpose through spirituality or God. The beautiful thing is I can do this wherever I am.

I believe that everyone’s purpose is to fulfill the purpose we have been given by our Creator. We have been given the dimension of time in which to fulfill our purpose, and I believe that this purpose is love. To those who do and to those who don’t, this will separate us in the end. But in the end we will no longer be part of time but rather part of that which we were meant to be and have decided to be by the choices we make now. So though I may have many purposes on and off, I will have the purpose to love for eternity.

I say now that life is chained by time—it begins and ends—so must my purpose end? If I was given life to fulfill a purpose, when I die will my purpose end? If purpose is subject to time, why must I do what I know will end? So what purpose is not subject to time? Love. Love is everlasting. So everyone’s purpose is to love. Love has always been, and will always be.

By helping people, I share my love and compassion. By doing art, I free my mind so I may have love to give, for if I’m chained by thoughts, how can I love and how can I fulfill my life’s purpose? Without love in our lives, we are subject to false hope and only temporary satisfaction. Without love we will always feel that hole—that something is missing. If we are being ourselves, our purpose will be revealed: by being yourself, you are protected by your Creator and are subject not to suffering but to love. Without love is without purpose, and our purpose is to love. This is revealed in who we are.

Colossians 2:2-3
My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

Acts 5:38
For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail.

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