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We do not live in a perfect world. Instead, all of humanity inhabits a place permeated by terror, violence, hostility, enmity, malignancy, and more. Everyone acknowledges the fact that there are fundamental problems with life on the Earth, but no one is trying to fix those problems. It is true that human beings are not perfect, but that does not mean that we cannot strive to be the best people that we can be. When it comes to our planet, we have to take responsibility for what is happening on it. If people worked together, communicated, and strove to excel, the world would be a better place. We need to have virtuous home; not just for ourselves, but for the many generations that will follow us.

Cooperation is something that we all learn about when we are young. The main concept behind it is that if you work in harmony with others, the task that you are doing will be completed faster than if you were working alone. Cooperation is something that people use throughout their lives. Students slave together on school projects, basketball players practice with each other to prepare, employees labor together to finish a development, and a country’s citizens toil and sweat to keep the economy alive. When levels of cooperation go so high with so many people depending on one another, you have to wonder why groups start working against each other. To a certain extent, friendly competition can be helpful; rivalry can push opponents above and beyond their normal limits. But what happens when harm comes to someone because of a fight? Sometimes people will stoop to any level to be the best, no matter how sadistic their behavior may be. Consider what happens when two countries are in opposition: the countries’ leaders cannot reach a consensus, so they decide to go to war. They start sending their citizens into the fray that they began, treating their lives as though they are nothing less than worthless. What started as a rivalry between a few lives could end up costing thousands. If only the two leaders could have ended their opposition to work in unison, it may have all been avoided.

Another thing essential for all of our lives is communication. So many forms of communication exist, such as hand, body, mouth, in addition to eye, that you must ponder why it is not used more often to solve problems. From domestic squabbles to corporate firings to terrorist bombings, there usually is a route to avoid such an unpleasant situation through proper communication. While everyone has a right to express himself, there is a limit; if verbalism turns to violence, it has gone over the line. Fights may be on a small scale or a huge one, involving a few folks or millions, but it does not really matter because any fight leads to pain. War is the most drastic form of this. War is a horrible, brutal, savage example of what can happen when communication is not used to its greatest extent. The havoc that war imposes on both the physical and mental personas of those involved is no justification for whatever the original disagreement may have been. Before anyone is hurt, try conversing.

It has already been established that no person on Earth is wholly pure and inviolate. This is not any excuse to act like the devil himself; that kind of behavior will never improve humanity as a whole. The best kind of person is one that will help others, even if it does not directly benefit him. Such a person would not take pleasure in the pain of others, but would instead try to make the fellow who is hurting feel better. If we could all try to be more like this, then everyone around us would be affected and do the same; the world could become a better place, starting with just you or me. A small difference in everyday behavior could one day lead to a change for the better in your life along with the lives of those around you.

How can the world become a better place? The answer is simple: through all of us. If humanity can improve, the world will improve with us. We need to work together, express ourselves, and try to be the best people possible. On my part, I hope to refrain from resorting to violence, instead using communication to express what I’m feeling or cooperating with others to make sure that destructive outcome does not come about. If all of our race on Earth could do the same, then maybe we would be able to have peaceful relations between all people. The world would consist of everyone working together in harmony, without the violence, fear, pain, animosity, or horror.

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