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Many people say this adage without really believing it, and I wanted to use this well known phrase to express the immense beauty that is in the world but is often unseen or unappreciated. In this society it is rare to find someone who truly sees their own beauty and the beauty that surrounds them.

Constantly comparing one’s self to another, wishing to change something to become more beautiful. Too often do people see the media as the Beholder, listening to the television, radio, and magazines for the guidelines of what beauty is. As a teenage girl I constantly hear that I’m not skinny enough, my mother hears that she has too many wrinkles, my father hears that he needs to do something about his hair loss, and my brother hears that he needs to lift more weights and buy certain clothes to be beautiful. This is a tragic misconception that too many people in the world buy into. It’s so easy to be hard on yourself and others, only finding the flaws, I would like to see people find their beauty. There are no guidelines to beauty, only the restrictions we put on ourselves.

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