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“WALLS”  by Jessie Jones

“WALLS” by Jessie Jones

What would it be like if we could teach our children like the water teaches theirs? This painting is about extending our culture back to the roots from which we have grown. The whale represents the native tribes and the traditions held within them. Also the idea of...
“WITH AN IRON FIST”  by Luci Bedell

“WITH AN IRON FIST” by Luci Bedell

What is it about comic books that frighten people, the fear of not growing up? All my childhood I didn’t read books, I didn’t like them much. I felt that the pictures in graphic novels awoke my senses. They give passion behind the words, and allow a whole...
“NATURE”  by Dana Baker

“NATURE” by Dana Baker

Contest Introduction Hey, my name is Dana Baker. I am a 10th grade student and I go to Ashland High School. Before that, I live in Wasilla, Alaska. I am born in China, and I was adopted when I was 12 years old. I am only live in United States for about 3 and half...
“THE COMPLEX HEART”  by Laura Dundas

“THE COMPLEX HEART” by Laura Dundas

The question of whether or not a God exists is a widely debated topic. However, for me personally, there is no doubt that Jesus lives. That is why I incorporated a cross as the foundation for my collage. The cross; however, not only represents my faith, but my family...
“DANCE IT AWAY”  by Sarah Cate

“DANCE IT AWAY” by Sarah Cate

“How would you like to see the world working and what part would you play in creating that outcome?” I started this collage by compiling images of all the negatives I see in the world. This ended up turning into a theme of violence, with guns as the chosen symbol. The...

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