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The message I’m expressing through my collage, How I Spent My Summer Vacation, is one of creativity and happiness. It shows dream-like images in a make believe world that delights the eye. The mellow colors and out of place pictures blend nicely are used to make you look closer into the piece. More than anything, I am trying to convey creativity and unconventional thinking.

This is important because I feel the western world has lost its touch with the creative spark that compels us to dream and relax. We live so much in our heads these days, and we learn through intellectualizing. My hope is that we can once again tune into our hearts and learn through ultimate understanding and surrender without analyzing and judging everything.

In order to make this dream world my reality, or really everybody’s reality, I spend a great deal of my time focusing on a number of fine arts. First and foremost I am a painter. All of my paintings show fantasy or cartoon-like images that challenge the mind to see the world differently. Other arts I’m interested in are acting, singing, and songwriting. I try and work some level of art into every situation of my life. I want more than anything else for the world to become rid of fear. Hopefully my art can instill joy and happiness, letting rest the ego mind, freeing the hearts of those viewing the piece.

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