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The World today is a simple generation, a globe of diversity…an orb of colors. It is the mere essence in which people have a chance to be who they are. Our world is a reminiscent symbol of colors in which contains soul’s who are not only different by their individuality, but by color, race, and beauty within. Our world is a glorious creation that contains people who are not alike.

If you look at the world, it is imperfect, it embraces people who are not yet accepting to different cultures, beliefs, or skin tone. It’s not that people are mean, its just that they need to learn, there is more to a person then the outside, and if you take a deeper look you can see there true color. That is what the world is, a nation filled with wonderful colors. Even the coldest heart can grow to be the brightest color if they are given a chance to shine. It takes understanding to adapt to ones individuality, but eyes to see who they really are. People in our world are all wonderful different colors, always changing, always finding out new things. People in our world are all wonderful different colors, always changing, always finding out new things. People are amazingly gorgeous without trying to pin point the perfect body, perfect personality or type, what really matters is there own color. If you think about it, yes there are a lot of white people, but they all are different colors of white, from cotton white, to a sandy tan or flawsy white. Black people are different as well, from a light chocolate brown, to a creamy caramel to an ashy black. The thing is our ethnicity is what makes us unique, is what separates us from being the same. Our world is ethnic itself, people have never really thought of our world and everyone being ethnic, but it is because we all come from different places and have different mixes of colors in us. Darks, lights, bright, dim, vivid or intense.

Our world is creative because of the color of people. If our world could just stop for a moment and take the time to appreciate themselves and others then we can create a stunning picture, from an orb of colors.

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