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The world as I see it today, is a lot like me, continually learning and growing for the better. Something I want to change in me and in the world is to add more peace and harmony. I wish to see the world working in peace. I promote this through all of my actions and my collage demonstrates my emotions toward this change.

A point I was sure to make in my collage was that this is about the world, not the United States of America, or France, or Iraq, this is the world, the whole world as one. And when we all come together, we are really not that different. When we realize that we are all one, we can then achieve peace. You see, the dawn of peace is a new concept I’ve grasped, I’ve come to comprehend that if we start promoting peace now, in the end we will see the sunset on the journey to peace. In my collage you see a tree trunk supporting the hand symbolizing peace, we are the roots, and if we don’t “rischio pace”, risk peace, then our flowers of giving hands will never bloom. There are too many people in the world that don’t get out there and do something about their passion for peace. If they don’t, then their passion will fade, and they’ll miss their chance to help.

The part I personally play in my fight for peace is to support it, and promote it. I go to peace marches, and protests. A peace activist you could call me. I wear patches about peace, express my passion and strive for peace, I tell people about my ideas on how I think peace can be attained. I’m involved in leadership at school; getting kids together to find out what they have in common and get along. I act almost as if I was keeping the peace, to break grudges and cliques, to surpass hypocrisy and stereotypes. I participate in my church’s Youth Group; I help serve others in need to bring equality into our lives. I go on missions and pilgrimages to find out more about other families and myself as well.

As Ghandi best said it, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. And that’s what I plan to do.

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