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We pray that someday people will learn to fly with the courage to live a simple life. In some situations, money is put before the things that matter most to us in the world, like spending quality time with people who are important. People are worried and stressed out from all the hours they spend at the office, instead of relaxing. More people have stress related problems like depression then there used to. Bills often create fights within households, instead of bringing people closer together.

If you put possessions and relationships on a balancing scale, they should be more equal; in my opinion, relationships should be the heavier one.

That’s what the poster is supposed to portray: there is a life, a world, even, outside that of money, and it is most important. The sun and the moon represent the Balancing Scale. The pictures are of people who enjoy life, and of communication. The tissue paper represents blindfolded eyes, and there are holes in it where people can see through and see a world that is not corrupted by a need for possessions, but a need for love, erupting with opportunities for the human mind and soul.

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