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What would it be like if we could teach our children like the water teaches theirs?
This painting is about extending our culture back to the roots from which we have grown. The whale represents the native tribes and the traditions held within them. Also the idea of abundance and only taking what we need. Now, with these vanishing cultures, we are left inside our own to find a way out. Instead of fearing what once existed on this land many, many years ago, we can trace a way back and gain great amounts of knowledge. This means trusting the stories of the mountains, listening to the tales of the sky, and touching the Earth who makes everything alive.

With our forests disappearing, our skies turning cloudy, and the temperature rising, there is an apparent notion that something needs to change. Everything from what we buy to what we eat to where we put or energy, plays key roles in how we shape this Earth. There is nothing more beautiful than a Redwood forest with Redwoods still standing or a natural habitat undisturbed by human civilization. We must turn, redesigning tracks into our past – an ancient past of divine connection between the human body and the ground that we come from.

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