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My collage focused on one main theme. That theme is that if you project a positive image and personality you will influence others to do the same and that you surround yourself with positive things you will soon become the positive thing for others to surround themselves with and you will also feel very fulfilled with yourself.

I did rings to represent the idea of a rock when you drop it into a pond, that rock creates ripples in the water that grow in size the further that they go out. In this interpretation of that concept, the meditating human is the rock in the pond. The prayer flags are the water which represent hope in the world because the world is the pond. The rings of positive people represent the rings of positive ness in the pond that are always growing. The glitter around the rings represents that these people sparkle no matter what, as does everyone.

I tired to make the image of the person meditating in the middle a little bit blurry and distorted because I wanted to represent that that person can be anybody doing anything positive and that you can create these changes easily. You have no idea how easy it is to create change for the better even by doing one little thing, you never know how someone could interpret that, it could uplift and motivate them to do the same for other people and so on, and those are the ripples, always moving and always growing.

I tried to make the people in the rings represent positive people from all walks of life. If you look very closely you can see that the first layer of pictures is that landscape of the people. There are many different ones there, but you can only see them through the cracks of the people. Every one of the people in the rings are either happy or helping someone. The main point that I tried to emphasize with the people is that no matter where you come from or whatever situation you are in there is always something to smile about (even if you have to search for it and even if it is for only a brief second it is always there.) Every single one of the people in the rings probably has a lot to frown about as does everyone at times but even though they could be focusing on the bad, they are focusing on the good which I think is something that we should do more often. The stitches around the border of the collage represent the fact that our world is all sewed together weather we like it or not and we should make the best of it because its the only world we have so everyone should encourage peace!

Everything in this collage has something to represent about life. Sometimes we can‚t see it but it is usually there. I hope this motivated you to be more positive. Because it not only helps you, it helps those around you.

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