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Just sit for a single day at your average high school and you will undoubtedly hear DOZENS (if not more) of teenagers who are unhappy with their looks, grades, lives, or any number of other things. This is true not only for the indecisive teenagers; this is true for EVERY and ANY group of people in the world. The fact is no one is completely and utterly one hundred percent content with themselves. You can be sure that there is at least (although reality there is probably many) one thing that they cant stand about their lives or selves. Whether it be that their thighs are to fat, that they cant understand math, that they don’t have enough friends, that they don’t have the ‘right’ friends….whatever the case may be… the possibilities are ENDLESS. Way to much of our lives is taken up with us being fully engrossed with what we THINK are our imperfections and of what we would LIKE for things to be. When what you may see as a flaw another may see as an asset to you! We need to stop and realize that people will NEVER be delighted with what they have in life, but there IS another who longs for what you despise. We should live life to its fullest and be joyful with us being US….because what would the world be without you?

“The point of all this is that no one is happy with what they have or who they are. But there is always someone who wishes to be you. So instead of dwelling on what you want think of the good things that you have…and count your blessings!!!”

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