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There is nothing concrete I can point to as my clear life’s purpose. I do not have a legible map of my life that illustrates exactly who I will be and what I will do. Thus it is difficult to define something that I see as my purpose, which implies a coherent goal. However, I can say I hope to maintain certain qualities in the way I live, throughout the tumults of existence.

I can say that I plan to have a life full of love, for myself and the people who touch me. I can also say that I want to live with gratitude towards both the joys and struggles of life, the latter of which teach me how to be a stronger person. I strive to affirm for myself that it is not the achievements and accomplishments of life which matter, but the way you carry yourself through time that is true grace.

In this collage the figure (from a photo of myself) in a yoga pose represents me and the energy of my personality; also, yoga symbolizes the constant force of self-reflection, and the leaves show the colorful richness of life. The photos of faces are of my friends, who make everything so worthwhile and inspire me always. Other photos are ones that i have taken at various times, representing the diversity the world and the circumstances it presents.

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