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“HEALING THE GLOBE”  by Shanay Healy

“HEALING THE GLOBE” by Shanay Healy

Our generation of youth in this country especially is lucky, we have no great depression, no great war; we do not live in constant fear or famine, and without these burdens, it offers us the opportunity and invites us to reach out our free hands to work and improve...
“CANDLE OF HOPE”  by Sonali Desai

“CANDLE OF HOPE” by Sonali Desai

We don’t know about the future, but it is certain there will be problems, and the future may even be more difficult than the present. Even now, the world is facing uncounted problems. There is always news of war, terrorism, disaster, murders and accidents. The...
“GRACE”  by Natalie Jablonski

“GRACE” by Natalie Jablonski

There is nothing concrete I can point to as my clear life’s purpose. I do not have a legible map of my life that illustrates exactly who I will be and what I will do. Thus it is difficult to define something that I see as my purpose, which implies a coherent...

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